A no win no fee arrangement can be a great way to handle legal costs in a will claim

The benefits of a no win no fee agreement in a will dispute

When you are thinking about any kind of legal action, a key concern will be the legal costs involved. It is no different when you are planning to challenge a will. It is a complex area of law, and you will need specialist legal advice and support to help you navigate the process, and succeed in your will claim. A no win no fee arrangement offers a sensible approach to funding your will dispute.

What is a no win no fee arrangement?

A ‘no win no fee’ arrangement is just that. It’s an agreement that you enter into with your solicitor that says that if you don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay your solicitor their legal fees. Of course, if you do win, you will have to pay your solicitor – but you will have won your case at that stage, so you will be better placed to have the legal fees.

How can a no win no fee arrangement help?

Primarily, a no win no fee arrangement helps you because you don’t have to worry about legal fees at a time when you will already be upset and vulnerable. You can consult your solicitor, receive advice about the strength of your claim and find out about the process and what will be involved, without the wondering whether you will be able to afford it.

What about initial advice?

You may take initial advice about your will dispute and decide not to take it any further. Here at Willclaim, we offer an initial, free claim assessment which should give you enough information to decide whether you want to pursue the matter and challenge the will – or not.

Will I have to pay the legal fees from the inheritance?

Assuming you succeed in your will dispute, you will receive the inheritance, or at least a portion of it – that you were looking for. You will probably be reluctant to pay some of that over in legal fees – but the good news is that in many cases, if you succeed in your claim, we will be able to recover our legal costs from the other side, or from the estate itself. This isn’t always the case, though, and you may have to pay some of your newly received inheritance in legal fees. It is a consideration of any litigation whether the costs of the legal action will outweigh the benefits of succeeding in the claim.

Are there any alternatives to a no win no fee arrangement?

You can agree to pay your legal costs as they arise without entering into a no win no fee arrangement if you wish to do so. Another possibility is legal expenses insurance – which you may have as part of your household insurance. This won’t always cover this kind of legal dispute but it is worth checking. It is also possible to take out ‘After the Event’ insurance. The premium is only payable once costs are recovered, and if you don’t win your claim, you do not pay anything (as in ‘no win no fee’). However, as these policies cover the other side’s costs following court proceedings, there is often no need for ATE insurance as most will dispute claims are settled out of court and before proceedings are issued.

Will I be able to use a no win no fee arrangement?

We can offer a no win no fee arrangement in nearly all the will dispute cases we take on. Making applications to see documents that you may not have had a chance to look at – the will itself, medical evidence and other documentation, can help you decide whether to continue with the claim early on. We will apply for what is known as ‘pre-action disclosure’ from the other side, and with those documents available, we will advise you whether the claim is worth pursuing, and whether we can work under a no win no fee arrangement.

Taking the decision to challenge a will is a big step. We are experts in will disputes and offer a dedicated team of professionals to guide you through the process. A ‘no win no fee’ arrangement is one practical way we can support you through this difficult time.