preaction disclosure of documents is a vital part of a will dispute

The importance of pre-action disclosure when you challenge a will

If you have been disappointed with the contents of a will – perhaps you have been inexplicably left out of the will of a loved one or close relative, or you have been left less than you understood you would receive – it is important to make an application for pre-action disclosure as early as possible. Why are documents important in a will dispute? One of the key difficulties in […]

A no win no fee arrangement can be a great way to handle legal costs in a will claim

The benefits of a no win no fee agreement in a will dispute

When you are thinking about any kind of legal action, a key concern will be the legal costs involved. It is no different when you are planning to challenge a will. It is a complex area of law, and you will need specialist legal advice and support to help you navigate the process, and succeed in your will claim. A no win no fee arrangement offers a sensible approach to […]