Challenging wills using Fraudulent calumny

A few months back, we looked at the issue of ‘fraudulent calumny’ – which is a kind of undue influence – and how it can be used to challenge a will. The recent case of Christodoulides v Marcou [2017] EWHC 2632 (Ch) is another opportunity to look at what fraudulent calumny involves. The facts in Christodoulides v Marcou This case involved a dispute between 2 sisters, Niki and Andre in relation […]

2 older men whispering to each other perhaps one is poisoning the other's mind

Undue Influence or Fraudulent Calumny

In our last blog (at least for now) about undue influence, we look at undue influence and fraudulent calumny We’ve covered the issue of ‘undue influence’ in a couple of recent blogs, looking at the principles of undue influence as set out in the case of Edwards v Edwards, and then looking at undue influence in practice, looking at some cases where undue influence was – and where it wasn’t […]