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  • To help us provide you with the best advice on how to contest a will, it is important to let us know the date of death, date of the will (date of any grant of probate) and provide us with all the critical information available to you on the making of the will and the condition of the will maker at the time
  • In any will contest there is a key issue – often the capacity of the testator to make a will, the influence of others on him or her, or some problem or suspicion about the bona fides of his signature and/or the witnesses
  • For a will contest to be successful you need evidence. Whilst you may have your suspicions that in itself is unlikely to be the best evidence in a will claim simply because it won’t be independent enough. The best or strongest evidence will invariably be from those who have no interest in the outcome of the will claim, typically professionals such as doctors or nurses (particularly where the will contest concerns the capacity of the testator to make the will)
  • Finally, you need to be clear when you are considering how to contest a will that if you invalidate it, you actually have an interest in the estate afterwards (in other words you are a beneficiary under an earlier will or by the rules of intestacy where there is no earlier will as one of the nearest living relatives). If you won’t have an interest in the estate following a successful will claim you don’t actually have a right to contest the will.

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