Contesting a will with

Contesting a will with Let’s not beat about the bush, it is sometimes difficult (but not impossible!) to successfully contest a Will. Given so, whilst a number of Solicitors now advertise their services for this work, many will not do so under a no win no fee arrangement. Willclaim (which is a marketing website for Inspire Law Solicitors) is an exception to this as we are able to offer […]

No win no fee and will contest claims

It is becoming quite rare to find Solicitors able and willing to take on a will contest claim under a no win no fee agreement. There are three good reasons for this: 1. They are very difficult claims to win and moreover to resolve by amicable agreement as invariably there is a good deal of acrimony 2. When they are won, there is often a long period between the settlement […]

WIN a 16GB iPad Mini with Will Claim Solicitors! (T&C)

Terms and Conditions 1. Entry into this competition implies acceptance of these rules. The owners of Willclaim Solicitors reserve the right to amend these rules at any time. 2. No purchase is necessary to be entered into the competition. 3. The promoter of the competition is Willclaim Solicitors 4. The competition is open to any residents in the UK only. 5. The competition is not open to employees of Willclaim […]

Benefits of Using a Will Claim Specialist

Wills can be confusing and there is often a lot of jargon and red tape surrounding inheritance, which can make it difficult if you believe you are entitled to more than you are being offered. It may be that you were promised something in return for maintenance or changing your position (giving up your job or house, for instance). It may even be that you dispute the legitimacy of the […]

What Is a Mediation (In Will Contest Claims)?

1. What is mediation? A mediation is a negotiation in a formal setting with a professional “mediator” who tries to help both sides to resolve their dispute. In will dispute or will contest claims, he or she is usually a legal professional (most often a Barrister with experience in the will dispute field), who is paid by each side to act as an independent facilitator. 2. What happens if I […]

Mediation in Will Contest Claims – Your Questions Answered

1. What is mediation? A mediation is a negotiation in a formal setting with a professional “mediator” who tries to help both sides to resolve their dispute – often by means of clever questioning, crystal ball gazing (eg. Where will we be in in a years time if the will dispute is not resolved??) 2. Does a mediator act as Judge in relation to your will contest claim? Definitely not! […]

Contesting a Will – What is a typical Will claim

What is a typical claim? Every case is different although there are broad similarities between cases. Typically though a claim w ill be one of two types: a claim that the Will is not valid (because there is something wrong with it) or a claim for financial provision from the estate. What things might make a Will invalid (in other words what could be wrong with it to mean that it […]

Costs, Risk and Insurance in Will Dispute Claims – Your Questions Answered

What is no win no fee? It is a type of contract between the solicitor and the client which means that the solicitor can only charge if the claim is won Does it mean that to win a claim you have to go all the way to a trial and be successful there? No absolutely not. Most of our claims for clients are settled before any court proceedings leading to […]