A no win no fee agreement means you won't have t scrape together your loose change to fight a will dispute

The costs of challenging a will

You may well have read stories in the press about high profile will disputes and the legal costs that are involved. While it’s true that bringing a challenge to a will is unlikely to come cheap, there are a number of options open to you which means you don’t have to find the money up front, and will only have to pay costs if you succeed in your claim. In this blog, we look in more detail at ‘no win no fee’.

What are the costs of challenging a will?

Bringing a challenge to a will inevitably involves costs. It’s an exceedingly complex area of law. While there is no requirement to use a solicitor, an expert in this area of law will be able to advise you on the strength of your case, the preparation of evidence and negotiate to see if a settlement can be reached without going to court. If a will dispute cannot be resolved and ends up before a judge, there are further costs preparing for the hearing, perhaps instructing a barrister, and the time spent in court at the hearing. The idea of all the costs may make you think twice before pursuing the claim. Community Legal Service funding (formerly legal aid) is rarely available for this kind of legal action, however great the injustice.

So if you don’t think you can afford a claim, what are the options?

Bringing a claim without legal advice

As we’ve already mentioned, there is no requirement to use a solicitor to bring your claim. You may be able to get some support from organisations such as Citizens Advice, but it is unlikely that you will be able to obtain comprehensive legal advice throughout the claim unless you engage an experienced solicitor who specialises in will disputes. Contesting a will involves complicated legal concepts, and procedures – and if you don’t follow the processes correctly, you may find you cannot bring your claim. This is regardless of how strong your claim might be. It’s also worth remembering that if you choose not to use a solicitor, you may find the pressure of working on the claim yourself without support takes over and has a detrimental impact on other areas of your life. You will also incur some costs such as the costs of registering the claim with the court.

No win no fee

In some cases, you may find you have legal expenses insurance if your home insurance policy (or another insurance policy) includes this option. If this is the case, your legal expenses will be covered by your insurance company. Another, increasingly common way of funding legal action is ‘no win no fee’. This doesn’t just apply in will dispute claims. The idea is that you will only have to pay your legal costs if you win your claim. Depending on the type of dispute, the costs may be recovered from the other side, from the estate of the testator or out of the monies you had been successful in claiming. However, this is still a better position than having to find the money to bring the claim up front.

No win no fee from Will Claim

In practice, our experience in this specialist area of law means that we will always assess any will dispute carefully at the outset, and as the claim progresses – for example as more evidence becomes available. The reality is that most of these types of claim are settled without the need for a court hearing or simply not pursued. Costs will be dealt with as part of settlement. If the case does go to court and you are unsuccessful, quite simply, we don’t get paid! Using no win no fee gives you the reassurance of being able to bring a claim and know that you will not face a huge legal bill at the end of it.