How to prevent someone contesting a will UK based

While you never like to think of your family, friends or other loved ones disagreeing after you have passed away, it is not possible to definitively prevent your will from being contested. People challenge wills for all sorts of reasons, many are legitimate and some are driven by the high emotions that occur with grief. However, you can take steps towards reducing the odds of a contestation – read on to discover how to prevent someone contesting a will UK based.

Have a professional draft your will

While you can write down your wishes yourself, having a professional draft your will, and ensuring that witnesses are present, is a good way of making sure that your will is more likely to be seen as valid. A qualified professional will be able to advise you as to certain turns of phrases or clauses that will reduce confusion later.

Be open about your will

A frequent issue with wills is that those who stand to inherit (or don’t) are surprised by the contents of the will itself. Don’t keep your will a secret – explain your intentions in advance of your passing to clear up any misinterpretation. This can lower the chances of a challenge, and lets everyone know where they stand.

Keep it updated

Your beneficiaries can change over time, so if anything has altered since you drafted your most recent will, contact a professional and have it corrected to reflect the current state of your intentions. Out of date wills (such as those with an estate left to a beneficiary who has died) can create huge issues later on.

Include a letter of wishes

If in doubt, leave a letter of wishes with your will. This will explain the choices you have made in more detail, allowing your beneficiaries to gain a better understanding of certain aspects that might otherwise make them feel “cheated”.

Add a no contest clause

While this is not a foolproof way to protect against loved ones contesting wills, a no contest clause can make it a lot more difficult. If you know that your will might cause controversy later on, including this clause raises the risk of someone contesting your will. It means that they would need comprehensive grounds as to why they believe the will should be contested and can carry penalties if their challenge is proven to be illegitimate.

How to prevent someone contesting a will UK

Now you know more about how to prevent someone contesting a will UK based, you may still have questions and concerns. If you believe that a will should be contested, then Will Claim is here to help. Contesting wills can be difficult and we are experts in will disputes, working on a no win, no fee basis in any cases. Get in touch for a free claim assessment and to find out more about how we can support you.