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How easy is it to contest a will successfully?

If you’re considering legal action to contest a will, the chances are you will be trying to work out which firm of solicitors to use to represent you. And no doubt, one of the big questions you want answered is how easy is it to contest a will – and win? It’s a worthwhile question to ask. Legal action of any kind can be stressful and exhausting; it can also […]

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Contesting Wills – the Practicalities

You may feel aggrieved by the provisions of a will – but what are the practicalities of contesting wills in the UK? In the wake of the death of a relative, a close friend, there are many things to contend with, not least your grief. Notwithstanding how difficult the weeks and months that follow, there are many practical steps that need to be taken when someone close to you has […]

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What evidence do I need to contest a will?

The grounds to challenge a will There are specific grounds on which you can challenge a will as being invalid. We’ve covered them before, but it’s always worth repeating. Briefly, you are looking at the following: the ‘mental capacity’ of the person making the will (the ‘testator’), whether there was ‘undue influence or coercion’, lack of ‘knowledge or approval’ of the contents of the will by the testator, whether the […]

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Am I too late to bring a claim for maintenance under the Inheritance Act 1975?

As unpalatable as it may seem following the death of a loved one, if the deceased’s will does not make provision for you, you will need to act quickly to bring a claim for maintenance under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. In the aftermath of the death of your spouse or parent, the last thing that might be on your mind as you plan a funeral, […]

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Can I contest a will?

Can I contest a will? It’s a question we’re often asked, and a recent case considered the wider question of who has sufficient ‘interest’ to contest a will. To challenge a will, you must be able to show that you have an ‘interest’ in the estate of the deceased person – usually close relative or someone who has been treated as such. In a recent case, Randall v Randall [2016] […]