some advice to help you manage costs in a will dispute

3 Ways to Keep Costs Low in a Will Dispute

Challenging a will is potentially expensive, especially through the court system. If the judge rules in your favour, then in addition to any money from the estate, the judge might order the defendant to pay your legal costs. However, if the judge rules against you, as well as having to pay your own costs, you might be ordered to pay the costs of the other side. Will disputes can be […]

piles of money to illustrate what is reasonable financial provision after teh case of Wooldridge v Wooldridge

Will I have to pay costs if I don’t challenge a will

A lesson learned for those who force an estate to take action to prove a will, but have no reasonable grounds to challenge the will and take no steps to do so. In most cases where someone wants to have a will ‘proved’ but does not bring an active case to challenge the validity of the will themselves, a ‘no costs’ rule applies. An exception is when the court decides […]