We look at the test for living in the same household for cohabitess under the Inheritance Act

Inheritance Act claims – Living in the same household

In this blog, we look at what the requirement to be living in the same household as the deceased, in relation to Inheritance Act claims by cohabitees for  under the Inheritance Act 1975. Cohabitees claiming under the Inheritance Act 1975 The Inheritance Act 1975 allows cohabitees – both opposite sex and same sex – to claim under the Inheritance Act 1975 if they have been left out of their partner’s […]

our blog looks at the rights of the cohabitee when their partner dies and how the Inheritance Act may help

Left out of your partner’s will? What can a cohabitee do?

There’s a commonly held belief that if you live with someone without being married or in a civil partnership, you have the same rights as if you were married. This belief in the existence of a ‘common law marriage’ is wrong. The reality is that a cohabitee has no equivalent status to a spouse of civil partner. This means that, if you are a cohabitee and your partner dies, your […]