trust law in complex - in Wodzicki v Wodzicki the court had to consider a trust scenario in the context of intestacy

Intestacy, trusts and beneficial ownership of property

Intestacy  – dying without a valid will – can cause all sorts of legal complications for your loved ones. In this case, the Court of Appeal had to consider the complex area of trusts, and the ownership of a property occupied by the deceased’s daughter, but owned jointly by the deceased and his second wife. The Facts The claimant, Juliette Wodzicki, lived in a property in London which was registered […]

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Reasons to use a will dispute expert

The importance of choosing an expert in probate and litigation work when you’re thinking of disputing a will. You may be considering bringing a challenge to a will – and if you are, it’s important to use a will disputes expert, a point that was recently highlighted in the case of Lyons & Anor v Kerr-Robinson The Facts Cynthia Lyons died intestate leaving property in Jamaica and England. She had […]

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Intestacy – can I challenge the rules?

We talk a lot about how to challenge a will, but what happens if someone dies without making a will? In this blog, we look at the intestacy rules, how they work in practice, and your options if you aren’t included. A number of high profile personalities have passed away recently without leaving a valid will, meaning that the intestacy provisions have received quite a lot of publicity. Rik Mayall, […]