A cautious thumbs up for medical evidence in cases involving testamentary capacity and lack of knowledge and approval

Testamentary Capacity & Medical Evidence

While medical evidence is an important factor in cases where the Testator’s capacity to make a will is disputed, there are other matters to be considered. When a will appears to be manifestly unfair, leaving out a child for no apparent reason, it must raise questions about the state of mind of the Testator. This will inevitably lead to a look at available medical evidence, and potentially expert medical evidence […]

a stethoscope - how will medical evidence help you in a will dispute?

Medical Evidence in a Will Dispute

Where someone is seeking to challenge a will, they may be looking to argue that the person who made the will (the Testator) did not have ‘capacity’ to do so. Another possibility is that they have been subject to ‘undue influence’ at the time they made the will. In all these circumstances, medical evidence may be important. In this blog, we look at the role of medical evidence in a […]

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What evidence do I need to contest a will?

The grounds to challenge a will There are specific grounds on which you can challenge a will as being invalid. We’ve covered them before, but it’s always worth repeating. Briefly, you are looking at the following: the ‘mental capacity’ of the person making the will (the ‘testator’), whether there was ‘undue influence or coercion’, lack of ‘knowledge or approval’ of the contents of the will by the testator, whether the […]