5 things to know about testamentary capacity

5 things to know about Testamentary Capacity

If you want to challenge a will, you have 2 broad options open to you. The first is to bring a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. The second option is to challenge the validity of the will itself. There are several grounds to do this – one of those is to argue that the person who made the will, the Testator, did not have […]

Our will dispute expert looks at a holographic will and what it means

What’s a holographic will?

A holographic will is one which is entirely handwritten by the Testator and signed by him (or her). In many ways, whether a will is handwritten or not makes no difference in England and Wales, because it must still be properly signed and witnessed in order to be valid. However, holographic wills can give rise to issues of validity and can cause problems with interpretation. Do special rules apply to […]

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Executing a will – what not to do!

As specialists handling will dispute and contentious probate claims, we have a lot of experience of dealing with the mistakes that were made when a will was drawn up. One of the grounds for challenging the validity of a will is that it was not properly executed – and if this is the case, and the will is overturned, people who were genuinely intended to benefit from a will may […]

we strip back a will dispute to its bare bones and look at the anatomy of a will dispute

The Anatomy of a Will Dispute

Challenging a will can take two different forms – either a challenge to the validity of the will itself, or a claim for ‘reasonable financial provision’ under the Inheritance Act (essentially a claim that you should have been left more by the person who has died). You may not know yourself when you contact a solicitor which type of claim you will be bringing. However, although there will be differences, […]

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Undue Influence – what will (and what won’t) be enough?

Considering the question of ‘undue influence’ in more detail As we recently explained, proving undue influence when challenging a will can be difficult – but it’s not impossible. In this blog we look at some examples of circumstances where the courts have determined that undue influence was present – and also some examples of where it wasn’t. Undue Influence – the principles In our earlier blog about undue influence, we […]

inheritance act claims for reasonable financial provision

Will disputes – taking action before the testator has died

If you suspect that someone has made a will in suspicious circumstances, is there anything you can do before that person dies? The papers have recently reported a number of situations where high profile individuals: Bill Gates, Nigella Lawson and the like – have declared their intention to leave the majority of their fortunes to charity rather than their children. In these cases it seems unlikely that there is anything […]

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The Trouble with Undue Influence

One of the ways you can challenge the validity of a will is by showing that the testator was subject to ‘undue influence’ – but this is not always easy Someone you were close to has died. Whatever the circumstances, this is always going to be a highly emotional and distressing time, with lots to reflect on and organise. When you are also concerned that the will made by the […]